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Tim Sars has pursued his passion for music by working as a professional performer, teacher, and composer/arranger in Vancouver Canada and around the world.

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The Tim Sars Trio (jazz/funk/klezmer/original)
Tiny Islands (indie jazz pop)
The Electric Monks (funk/soul)
Dixiestar Storytelling (children's events)
The Carnival Band (community brass band)
The Sweetpea Swing Band (swing!)
Sing Clap Listen POW! (children's school show)

Tim Sars is a natural musician in every respect. With both his parents professional musicians, it was probably inevitable that Tim would follow, and as a teenager he quickly developed a distinctive voice on the baritone sax.

Tim's fluent and deeply melodic style draws on a spectrum of inspirations-from New Orleans and Ellingtonian jazz to Balkan brass bands. He also plays piano and sings - and this debut album(available at the bottom of this page) with longtime musical partners Wynston Minckler and Brendan Krieg shows that he's an imaginative writer and arranger.

Many of the musical compositions on this album have a deep hold in the Vancouver music scene, being played by various bands in town. One of Tim's ambitions is to create a musical community, influencing other songwriters and bands with a new musical language, unique to his cities deep roots.

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