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Tim Sars has pursued his passion for music by working as a professional performer, teacher, and composer/arranger in Vancouver Canada and around the world.

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The Tim Sars Trio - this trio has performed together for over ten years, playing festivals, schools, and clubs. They have a vast book of music, from New Orleans Jazz, swing, funk, and originals. This trio is made up of drums, bass, and of course Tim on sax and vocals. 

The Tim Sars Quartet - Often Nathan Barrett, Tim's younger brother, and trumpet power house, joins the trio, adding to both the sound and energy of the stage show.

Tiny Islands - Expanding on the quartet even more, we bring in electric guitar, percussion, and electric bass. The sound is a mix of dream pop, funk, and latin. This band is wonderful for larger stages and festivals. 

The Carnival Band - A wonderful crew from East Vancouver. This community brass band has been together for nearly 20 years, and love to dress up, dance, and bring the music to the streets.

Camaro67 - A ten piece afrobeat inspired band, playing a mix of Fela Kuti covers and originals. 

Jazzology - Brothers Nathan and Tim love bringing the music to the youth. They have developed a jazz show for schools and children's festivals, tour around western Canada.

"Jazzology", a show for elementary schools by Tiny Islands. from Spontaneous Productions on Vimeo.

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About Tim Sars:

A natural musician in every respect. With both his parents professional musicians, it was probably inevitable that Tim would follow in their footsteps, and as a teenager he quickly developed a distictive voice on the baritone sax. 

Tim's fluent and deeply melodic style draws on a spectrum of inspirations-from Afrobeat, New Orleans, Ellingtonian jazz, Balkan Brass, Funk, and Latin jazz. He also plays piano, flute, and sings - and in his recent self produce albums you can hear his skill as a composer and arranger of various styles of jazz, pop, and funk. 

Many of the musical compositions on his albums have a deep hold in the Vancouver music scene, being played in various bands in town. One of Tim's ambitions is to create a musical community, influencing other songwriters and bands with a new musical language, unique to his cities deep roots. 

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