Tim Sars Music
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The Team:

Tim Sars - artistic director, composer, performer, publicist, manager, 
(e) timsars@gmail.com
(c) 604-700-8576

Ross Barrett - publishing
-Oh Susanna Publishing Co.
(e) rossbarrett44@gmail.com

Steve Thompson - licencing  
-Vancouver Records
(e) vancouverrecords@gmail.com

Lisa Sars - artistic director of Dixiestar Storytelling 
-Butterfly Feet Yoga Dance
(e) lisasars@gmail.com

Brenda Koch - gig coordinator for the Carnival Band
-Open Air Orchestra Society 
(e) brenda.koch@gmail.com 

Kevin Bruce - agent for Jazzology
-KBAM! Arts Management 
(e) kevin@kbamonline.com 
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